Admission all sessions $8.00

(whether skating or not)

Skate Rental  $5.00 Additional

Office HOURS

We have office hours daily and your call is very important to us.  If you miss us, please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP.


HOURS listed Below

Florham Park Roller Rink  



Roller Skating Rinks have public sessions when you are welcome to come and skate. Ours are all two hours long and we ask that you come at the beginning of one of them because we clear the building between them. This week they are as follows:

Things to remember:

*  There are no advanced ticket sales or reservations necessary for public session skaters.  We remain "first come - first served" and everyone still pays at the ticket office window.

*  Admission is $8 per person (whether skating or not).   Skate rental is $5 additional.  No refunds.

*  Frequent hand washing is recommended and hand sanitizing stations are available throughout.

* Above ankle "crew" socks are required for anyone renting skates or blades.

*  The snack-bar is open.  Do not bring in outside food.


Our upcoming public sessions are as follows:

Saturday 6/25

1 - 3pm

3:30 - 5:30pm

8 - 10pm

Sunday 6/26

1 - 3pm

3:30 - 5:30


Friday 7/1

8 - 10pm

Saturday 7/2

1 - 3pm

8 - 10pm

Sunday 7/3

1 - 3pm

​​Our hours will continue to be updated every Sunday for the following week.  Check back often.